Benefits of Thermography

Benefits of Thermography

Thermography has been known to guide treatments for pain conditions, bringing about better, more effective results. Below are a few examples of various applications for Thermography:

  • Thermography is the best technology known to date that can detect suspicious breast patterns early. Therefore more women prefer to scan their breast yearly using Breast Thermography rather than getting unnecessary doses of radiation.
  • A football player suffered with a stress fracture that went undetected with an x-ray but was detected with Medical Thermography.
  • Thermography helped to confirm the diagnosis of TMJ and the appropriate specialist could be sought out.
  • A painful ankle injury can be monitored throughout treatment and rehabilitation to “see” which treatment is most effective.


Why Should I Get A Thermogram?

Anyone can get a Thermogram, any time, any age. From children to elderly, men and women, you do not have to be symptomatic to get Thermography. Because Thermal Imaging is a safe and non-invasive medical imaging procedure that detects many common diseases (including cancer) in the earliest stages of development, it is recommended getting a Thermogram at least once a year for patients starting as early as in their twenties.
These Thermographic images serve as a blueprint of your physiological system over a period of time allowing any changes or irregularities in the heat patterns of your body to be detected early.


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