Thermo Carolina is an integral part of Upper Cervical Wellness Center. We utilize only State-of-the-Art technology, like Thermal Imaging (or Digital Thermography) to determine exactly where and when care is needed.


Thermal Imaging Health and Wellness Benefits

Thermography has been used as an aid for diagnosis and prognosis to improve your overall health and wellness, as well as monitoring therapy progress, for conditions and injuries, for nearly 60 years. Some examples of common diseases detected by Thermography include:

  • Breast Cancer

  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Periodontal Disease

  • Pre-Stroke

  • Muscular Inflammation

  • Diverticulitis

  • Heart Disease

  • Back Pain

  • Carpal Tunnel

  • Varicosities

  • Scoliosis

  • Cystic Formations

  • Joint disorders

  • Migraine Cause

  • Deep Vein Thrombosis

  • Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy

  • Unexplained Pain

  • And More

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