Nutritional Counseling

Nutrition and Lifestyle

For many people, food and diet are very problematic. Instead of being a source of nourishment, food has become an area of conflict and confusion- endless weight loss dramas, eating disorders, cravings, addictions, body image obsessions and never-ending searches for “the best” nutritional system.

After working with 1,000’s of patients, we have had many individuals approach us and ask, “Why is the food that I put in my body so important to my well-being?”

We share this question with you because the average American has erroneous beliefs around food. Just because what we consume is sold in the markets across the land, we assume it’s safe to eat. We believe the FDA is looking out for our best interests and would not allow foods that could harm us to ever reach the shelves of our supermarkets. NOTHING IS FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH!

We always tell patients that we wish every consumer was given the courses on nutrition that we have taken. They have taught us to be more conscious to what we choose to place in our bodies. The human body is a self-healing and self-regulating machine. It miraculously extracts from food that which it needs and rids itself of the rest. Due to the business side of food and sustainability, manufacturing has added chemicals, preservatives, additives, dyes, and other inert ingredients to enhance shelf life and profits. Unfortunately, these ingredients can be life depleting over time.

The simple process of consumption, assimilation and elimination has taken over our lives. Food for us is largely cultural and psychological rather than instinctual. We need to learn how to nourish ourselves, sustain our bodies properly, cultivate positive habits and allow food to encourage rather than punish us. With this being said, NUTRITION is extremely real…

It is our intention to support any and all patients with their nutritional needs. We would be honored to provide you with guidance when it comes to nutrition and overall lifestyle. This is why we would like to offer you the opportunity to schedule a Nutritional Consultation at our practice so that we can provide you with personalized recommendations and guidance.

The world of nutrition is an extremely confusing place to navigate which is why we would be honored to support you and assist you on your path to health and wellness.

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